Layby Terms and Conditions

At Trademark Upholstery Ltd, we understand that Kiwis prefer flexibility. Therefore, we have come up with a no obligation lay-by service.

Steps for Lay-by:- 

  1. Contact our sales staff to organise and get your lay-by request approved. No forms required, just a written confirmation. Contact us either by or send us a message us on Trademark Upholstery Ltd Facebook page.
  2. Once confirmed by our sales staff, place an order on our website and use the bank transfer option to Checkout.
  3. The minimum deposit to pay once order is placed is $100 and you will need to continue paying a minimum payment of $100 at least every week.
  4. Basically you select “Add to Cart” for your product and Checkout using the Bank Transfer option after filling in all the details.
  5. Once the order is placed and 1st deposit is paid – let us know your fabric choice along with your order number and we will issue you an invoice as proof of purchase.
  6. Your order will be delivered to you once you complete entire payment.

It’s that easy! No credit checks, no forms to fill out and no interest or additional charges.

Please note that we have a Non-Refundable policy! So if you decide to cancel after making any payments, there will be no refund at any stage.